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Dear Reader,

I'm using RUT360 with RUT36X_R_00.02.06.1.

In this case I'm not allowed to use an external email-adress to use for the email-to-sms-gateway. So I set up a local email-server (hMailServer), which is working fine with Thunderbird with and without SSL. Not so much with the RUT, I even tried using + instead of 00 ahead of the country code.

LogimageWhat am I doing wrong? It checks for email, but what happened then? Password wrong? Too much text? How can I look behind this message?

Best regards

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Could you maybe try another email service? Like Gmail and see if you're able to make it work with the other service provider.

To see more information about what's happening - you can execute logread in the CLI and you will get an output of all the services happening at that moment.

To troubleshoot this issue, you can use logread -f which will only filter the messages that come after the execution of the command.




Thank you for your tip with CLI. There were no error messages, just the "cmd lua /usr/bin/email_to_sms read" again. Gmail worked, so I looked at the hMailServer-settings again and added the ip of RUT to the "IP ranges", which was the solution.