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by anonymous

I have a teltonika router model RUT950 that has been giving me issues over the last couple of weeks. About 3 weeks ago the router went completely offline and was inaccessible through the RMS interface. This router is in a remote location so gaining physical access to it took some time. After finally gaining physical access to the router, we discovered that the router had power and was on but the connection status LED was red. After power cycling the router it went online again and the router began to function as normal. My question is what might have caused the router to act in this behavior? Causing it to go offline for several weeks until physical access was available to power cycle it. Also what steps if any can be taken going forward in order for this issue to be avoided in the future?  Given that these routers are setup in remote locations causing difficulties in getting physical access to them. 


MAC: - deleted by moderator

Serial #: - deleted by moderator

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by anonymous

For the issue you are having. I would like to suggest checking the mobile signal quality in the area.
Kindly refer to this link for more information about signal quality:

Next is to check if the device is running on the latest firmware. Running the device in the latest firmware improves device performance, due to each firmware release is composed of some feature improvements, bug fixes and additional security fixes.

Latest firmware could be found here:

Next is if this situation is occurring I would suggest having scheduled reboot at least once in a week or config a functionality ping reboot.
Check this link for more information:

If the issue still persist let me know.

by anonymous
Hi Mellow,

In your final point you suggested having a scheduled reboot at least once a week or config a functionality ping reboot. My question is, have these options already been tested and proven? Or is our only certain method of recovering a Teltonika when the red connection status LED appears is by power cycling it?

Thank you,

by anonymous


For you're question. Supposed to be when the device is having the best signal quality received from the Cell tower of the ISP provider it shouldn't have this issue. Now if the device is not having good signal quality and unstable connectivity to the ISP Cell tower due to some interferences that can be encountered on a daily basis like the weather and other things that can be found in this link: LTE Speed Discrepancies - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( 

Next, is the question about it is proven and tested. I would say most of our clients that are having this kind of issue especially when the device is on the car Ping Reboot is commonly applied due to in different places there would be tower hand overs will occur and sometimes due to the weak signal received the device fails to register the sim card properly. From that Ping Reboot will come as the solution to this issue it's either it will restart the device or restart the modem itself. 

Also in most of our gadgets, these let's say even a PC needs to be restarted to refresh all the things it has been doing and have a fresh start again. It would be the same in our routers. 

I hope this clarifies things much more clearer :)