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by anonymous
I'm having trouble with Band one on EE unlimited contract sim. If I select auto band selection normally the router goes to band 3 or 7, which although stable, are fairly week signal strength and quite slow data. If I manually select band 1 I get a great signal, great data speed, but it disconnects from data frequently. EEcan find no problems their end, I just wondered if anyone here has experienced anything similar?

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by anonymous


First of all I recommend updating to the latest firmware available for the RUT950 device. You can download the latest firmware here:

Next is check the mobile signal parameters you are getting from the ISP provider. You can find it by navigating to Status > Network > Mobile 
Then compare the received signal parameters with the suggested values found in this link:

If you're issue is about band locking you can do Band locking by navigating to Network > Mobile >Network Frequency Bands set it to Manual.
You can find more information on this link:

I hope this information helps you a lot. 

If you're issue still persists let me know