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I have two RUT240 with AT&T SIM cards and trying to establish MODBUS communication between two PLCs one Master and one Slave. What is the best way to configure RUT240. So far I tried GRE and PPTP tunnels configuration, but had no luck to ping devices on the other side from each RTU.

Thank you.

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For the scenario, you want to implement. I would like to know what type of IP address are you getting from the said SIM cards? If you ping the SIM card IP address on the other device, the other device is able to reach it can you do it vice versa.

To explain it more clearly kindly check the topology below: 

Let say as an example is the SIM card IP address from the AT&T Sim card and the other sim is having IP. You need to check in your side if they have end to end communication through ping. Now if the sim card has end-to-end connectivity. 

Configure the Modbus Slave like this: 

Modbus Master configuration: 

Note: The IP address you must enter is the WAN IP address of the SIM card of the Modbus Slave router. 

I hope this helps



Hi Mellow,

Thank you for your reply. The IP addresses for my SIM cards are and Should I be able to ping them from each RUT240?

Hi Paul, 

Regarding the question are supposed to ping each other it depends on the ISP provider itself. If the said IP address as belonging to the same IP pool on the ISP side then yes they should reach each other. But it is better to evaluate this by actually pinging the IP address of both devices. 

You can ping each IP address in System > Administration > Diagnostic to validate.

For more information, you can refer to this link: RUT240 Administration - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( 

You must have end-to-end communication in order to achieve the solution you want. 

I hope it helps.



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