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In case, I understand correct, the SIM mentioned is supposed to do a "silent" switchover to another carrier in case of mobile connection problems. I.e. to switch from AT&T to T-Mobile in the USA.

Which would be great for the wide distribution  of a new IoT device, including a RUT955. However, marketing noise is quite often different to real world expirience. Any feedback from users of this SIM on a RUT955 appreciated. A theoretical discussion about the pros and cons welcome, too. As I am asking myself, what happens with active TCP-connections during switchover, although the IP is fixed ?

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We have not tested this SIM card provider service on our devices yet. Theoretically, this SIM card should work with our devices. We have official 3rd party IoT platforms that operate with the same ideology, for example, 1OT, SIM4IOT, and others. You can review all of them here: https://teltonika-networks.com/products/iot-platforms/page/2/

Regarding your last question, you should ask the SIM card provider directly how they handle the switching process.