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by anonymous

TRB255 was reading data from modbus rs485 and sending over http post.
After few days, it stopped sending the data.
While trying to investigate the reason, we found out that the tab RS485 in Modbus Serial Master was missing.
Rebooting the router from System - Reboot didn't solve the problem, so also Auto Reboot will not work.

Removing the power connector and plugging it back did solve the problem.
What is the reason of this missing RS485 tab and how to solve it?

The device is not easily accessible, so it need to be bulletproof.

Thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous

If I do understand correctly, your device RS485 configuration Tab in WebUI just disappeared without a reason and without any interference from anyone? Which firmware version you are using on your device? If it is not the latest TRB2_R_00.02.06.1, please upgrade. In case this ever happening again, please download troubleshoot file from WebUI > System > Administration > Troubleshoot tab and send it to me via private message. Download this file once the RS485 service will be missing again.

by anonymous

The RS485 disappeared from Service menu and also RS485 tab was missing in Service - Modbus - Modbus Serial Master.
I guess the RS485 was not recognized by the system.
Firmware was the latest version 02.06.1.

Any idea why the power off-on was working and the reboot was not ?
Is the RS485 managed by external chip?

OK, I will save the logs next time.

Thank you

by anonymous
The reboot process is not the same as power off completely. When you power the device off it will start up again and turn all services on from scratch. Something went wrong in the system after a while and I am curious to get the logs if it will ever happen again. Please update this query if you will ever be able to reproduce the issue. Then download the logs while the device is in a malfunctioning state.