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Should it mean, if we shorten the intervals, that the router is constantly looking for the better cells and that we achieve better reception because it does not last long with the actually poor selection (at the time the question was asked, it was a good choice, but after e.g. 5 Minutes, it turns out that it was not a good choice, that would be my idea to improve the reception, just shorten the intervals)

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For the question you are asking may I know what specific settings are you trying to configure with the device? Are you talking about the Force LTE connectivity? Or you are talking about doing band locking with the device.  Could you give me more information about this so that I can help you more efficiently. 

From what I understood you want to improve the network connectivity of the device for that I recommend you to check this video: How to Improve 4G LTE Speed on Industrial Router - YouTube

Let me know if something else is needed



  I hope, you received a Foto, I'm talking about band locking and Intervals form band locking, how I can use it on the best way. Can I achieve more dBm, if I configurate Intervals shorter. Is it better, if Reregister is enabled. My idea is that I shorten Intervals, specific LTE Band configure and Reregister disenable and so more dBm achieve(dissconnect will be more rare, LTE is forced and in shorter Intervals I take "better" LTE Band and stay not in bad Band) I hope you can help me, I'm just working Student and have no Expirience...

Regrads from Germany 


P.S. I just try to ahieve more dBm, because for Company, where I work it is the most important thing. If Troubleshoot is helpful for you, I can send it to you. I showed a Video and I would add shorten Interval and reregister disenable (I wrote why at the last Comment). Thank you very much!