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We try integrating WiFi communications of some devices via RUT240(WiFi STA) into RUT240(WiFi AP with SIM card) in our LAN. 

In one route of WiFi communication, there are some walls and a distance of about 50m between RUT240(WiFi AP with SIM card) and a terminal device(e.g. PLC).

However, the WiFi communication between them couldn't be connected by using single RUT240(WiFi STA) as a extender because of bad signal strength caused by above walls and distance.

Now, we consider increasing RUT240(WiFi STA) as a extender for improvement of signal strength.

So, we would like to know how many RUT240s we can use as a extender to extend straightway WiFi communication.

Our image

Router1(WiFi AP with SIM card) ⇔ Router2(WiFi STA&AP) ⇔ ……… ⇔ RouterX(WiFi STA) ⇔ Devices(e.g. PLC)

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You should be able to do it endlessly if there are enough IP addresses in the subnet you're sharing with other AP/STA routers.

Also, you might want to check the internet speed performance every X device as you're passing the connection through a lot of devices and if you lose the connection on all of them in the end - you will not know which device caused this.