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Hi there, I understand it is possible to customize the branding on the webUI using the SDK. I have been unable to change the (favicon?) icon that appears in the tab at the very top left corner of the browser however. I've found and replaced the old favicon.ico on the SDK already (custom_feeds -> teltonika-luci -> themes -> default -> htdocs ->luci-static ->default) but it didn't change the final result after compiling and updating. What am I missing?
Its amazing ans...i am very thank full to  community......

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It should be working as the directory you defined is correct.

Have you tried clearing out the cache and history of your browser, it might be that your browser still uses some cache and doesn't change the icon.

Also, make sure you're using the right format of the icon, it should be 16x16 by size and format of the ico. As simple as possible.

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Clearing cache and cookies worked, thank you for the guidance.