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In out RT240 i have configured an Modbus TCP Master to read registers from a PLC Modbus Server. Depending on value in the register the alarms sending certain SMS.

The Period of reading registers is defined with 60s. Timeout is 30s. All works quiet well after switching on the systems. Unfortunately, after a certain time it seems Modbus TCP Master stops working.

Our RT240 is running with the Firmware RUT2XX_R_00.01.14

Has anyone an idea?

Best regards

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When you're querying the data - maybe there's a big gap when your PLC does not have any data? We have a similar issue where one client has noticed that Modbus Master stops working after there's no information coming in after long time.

So just wanna make sure maybe it's similar to your case - is there any gap when your PLC shouldn't be gathering data?



so if i understand you right. No Data means zero Value in registers? In this case it is true. Cause at the moment we use resister data as an Alarm indication to send SMS messages.

Best regards

Then in that case it's an ongoing issue and is already reported to the RnD department. Please be patient and look for new firmware updates from time to time.

During tests with different settings of the Period of reading, i noticed that the RUT240 stops reading registers after a certain amount of refreshes has been done.

In my SPS i counted around 60 times that RUT240 reading the registeres, till it stops.
Yes, we're having a similar problem.

This is our case:

- RUT240 with firmware version 1.41.3

- We´re querying an equipment that's in our LAN every 15 seconds.

- To reduce power consumption, this equipment goes up only for 30 seconds every 15 minutes, so most of the RUT240 querys aren't answered.

- We've noticed that after 3 or 4 hours, the RUT240 stops querying.