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by anonymous

recenly i boought the RUT240 an i get a bit dissapointed with the speeds it gets.

on a good day i see max 30d/15u while my phone gets minimum 70d/25u.

the question is should i look for an external antenna or it is going to be better to go for an RUTXxx with cat 6 transmitter?

the signal the rut240 receives is RSRP:-102 , RSRQ:-9 , SINR:10 and is indoors with facotry antennas.

thank you.

2 Answers

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by anonymous


If you're comparing the network's speed on your phone mainly the phone will get higher speeds due to it is using different LTE modules inside. Where RUT240 is using LTE CAT 4 so the projected speed with the best signal reception is around 150MBPS Downlink and 50MBPS Uplink. 
Comparing it with the RUTXXX series and RUT360, they are having LTE CAT 6 technology that is supporting speeds up to 300MBPS Downlink and 50 MBPS uplink. 

But as mentioned before there are a lot of factors that can affect network connectivity speeds you can refer to this link for more information: LTE Speed Discrepancies - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

Also for the suggested mobile strengths, you can refer to this link: Mobile Signal Strength Recommendations - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

I hope this clarifies your question about why there are differences between the speeds you are receiving with your phone and RUT device. 


by anonymous
i knew the phone will get better speeds because of the faster adapter but i wasnt expecting so dramatic difference betwin them.

i can understan cat6 is faster than cat4 but how much in real world?

reading the charts you provide me i can tell i have low RSRP and probably this is the problem of the slow speeds.

the RSRQ and RINR are quite good.

so theoreticly if i upgrade to cat6 i will get about double the speeds? that i have now but how much gain it will be if i stay with cat4 and an external antenna?

how much better signal usually people get after installing external antennas?
by anonymous


Regarding the real-world speed comparison, we cannot specify how much because as mentioned there are a lot of things that may affect the mobile network speeds: LTE Speed Discrepancies - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

Again I would like to highlight if you test it with another external antenna it may improve speeds a little bit but depend on the cell traffic load to which the RUT device is connecting. Next, if you are still comparing it with your phone it is better to check what LTE module is your phone using. 

How much better signal usually people get after installing external antennas? 
-> There is no exact values, because it will depend because there are a lot of things that may affect your signal reception: What affects mobile data speeds - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

For LTE CAT 6 speed in real-world scenario you can refer to this link: Kaunas Town Hall Square 4G Speed Test | Teltonika Networks RUTX11 Router - YouTube

Here is a video, for the speedtest results done by our offices all over the world: Teltonika Networks Industrial Cellular 4G LTE Routers Speedtest in real-world conditions - YouTube 

I hope it clears everything. 


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by anonymous
it could be usefull to show us the RSRP RSRQ and SINR of the speed test to have better idea but im guessing i need to go with the RUTX11 and then look for an external antenna if need.

thank you for your time!