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by anonymous

I'm a complete novice so please excuse my ignorance if I'm missing something simple.

I'm trying to connect via Serial cable to a software program called SMSReception Centre ( ) .   

I can connect to the RUT955 through Putty no problems, and then enter the Username:  "root" and   Password:  "Password1".      However, the SMSReception software appears to be programmed to connect straight into a device (rather than first sending it a Username and Password ).   

When connecting to the RUT955 from the SMSReception software,  I suspect the software keeps sending commands to the device,  but is being locked out because the RUT955 first requires a Username and Password before it'll start accepting AT commands.   

Is it possible to disable the requirement to input a Username and Password when connecting via Serial cable so I can connect to the device?

If this isn't possible,  the SMSRecption software has a configuration section called "Modem Init"   and some blank spaces to enter up to 5 commands beside the headings "Init string 1:" ,    "Init string 2:"     etc  through to "Init string 5:"  .    Is it possible the Username and Password could be specified in this configuration screen?  If so, any idea what the commands would be?     

Thanks so much for your help,

Kind regards,


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by anonymous


Yes, you can disable RS232/RS485 console username/password. However, to do that, you would have to modify router's scripts.

  1. First download modified RS232/RS485 scripts from here.
  2. Configure RS232 and/or RS485 through router’s WebUI “Services -> RS232/RS485 -> RS232” menu to work in “Console” mode.
  3. Connect to router via “WinSCP” software:
    • Protocol: SCP
    • Hostname: <Router’s LAN IP address>
    • Port: 22
    • Username: root
    • Password: <your router’s password>
  4. Navigate to “/etc/init.d” directory
  5. Replace existing RS232/RS485 script with new one (upload new file to the router).
  6. Navigate to “/sbin/” directory
  7. Upload “console_script” file to the router
  8. Connect to router via SSH:
    • SSH login: root
    • SSH password: <your router’s password>
  9. Execute the following command:
    • chmod +x /sbin/console_script
  10. Restart the router or execute the following SSH commands:
    • /etc/init.d/rs232 restart
    • /etc/init.d/rs485 restart
Best answer
Thanks very much for your response and information above.  I've completed all of the steps and it's removed the requirement to input a Username and Password through a Serial (RS232) connection,  which is great, so thankyou!

However, now when I connect to it through a Serial connection via Putty and type in the command "AT"   or  "AT&F"  and then press enter - I get a response similar to the following:

sh: at: not found

/ # at&f

sh: f: not found

/ # sh: at: not found


I have no idea what all that means,  or how to get rid of those messages,  but I think it's causing issues with the SMSReception program because it automatically sends the RUT955  AT  and  AT&F  commands,  and doesn't know how to process the replies above.

I hope that all makes sense,  could you please assist?

Thanks again,

by anonymous


Take note, that when you are connected to router via "RS232 console" mode, router expects you (or your software) to send SSH commands to it. Since there are no such (AT / AT&F) SSH commands, router responds with message, that commands has not been found ("sh: at: not found").

To send AT commands directly to LTE module, you could use "gsmctl -A <AT command>" SSH command, e.g. "gsmctl -A AT" or "gsmctl -A AT+COPS?"

However, take note that you have limited control over LTE module just form AT commands (e.g. you cannot send SMS message using AT commands). If you would need to send/read SMS messages, you could use "gsmctl" function on the router. Simply type "gsmctl" and you will see all available options what this function can do. Example: you can use "gsmctl -S -s "<number> <message>" " SSH command to send SMS message from router's console.