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by anonymous
If I was directly connected via WLAN with the router (RUT950) I could afterwards not establish a VPN Tunnel (LTPP) via a mobile network for a undefined time span  but always via any other (landline) hotspot. By a sudden (some days and myabe things not identified yet) it's possible again to establish the VPN tunnel via mobile networks as long as I do not connect to the WLAN directly. Then the above mentioned story starts again. Resets of the router and moile phone does not help (also not a reset of the public IP address from the network operator). It seems that there is a data stored which identifies the WLAN connection and as long this value is nor cleared or overwritten the set up of those VPN Tunnel is not possible again.

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by anonymous

Sorry, about your statement I am confused. I would like to know what are you trying to do with the RUT950. What I understand is you are trying to have an L2TP connection via the mobile network and it is not established when you are connecting to WLAN? WLAN as WAN source or when you are connecting a device to the router WiFi SSID.

Kindly clarify the things you are doing so that I can assist you properly with the issue you are having.