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by anonymous

Hello all.

I have a PLC that communicates via TCP/IP network.

The RUT will be in the cabinet with the PLC

I need to be able to log in with my laptop and work on the PLC

The PLC is IP address

RUT955 has been set to

The address pool is .100 to .200

I need to connect my laptop to the RUT so that the PLC sees my laptop as

Which VPN setup do I use?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please check these links below, they should explain enough on how to properly set-up your VPN connection:

Also, in your use-case you could use RMS, which should be even easier to set-up. You will not need Public IP too for this task.

by anonymous
I read those links before i asked the question... They're for two RUTs. I only have one.

My question remains *Which* VPN should I use
by anonymous
From my perspective, I would recommend ZeroTier.

It's easy to use and configure, so you should have no issues working with it.

by anonymous
Hi EB,

I have a very similar scenario with a Laptop/PC (Windows) that can be located anywhere and I want to connect to a device behind a remote RUT. ZeroTier seems to be a 3rd party and I would prefer a solution where my PC client connects direct to the VPN-server on the RUT. I have a hard time understanding the differences between your VPN options. Wouldn't the OpenVPN work in this scenario?