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I am having trouble establishing the data connection of a remote router. My attempt to use UCI commands via SMS also fails because all commands return "Value not found", e.g. "simcard.sim1.apn=Value not found" or  " not found". If I try commands like uci show openvpn, I don't even get an answer. How can I get a better response?

Thanks for any help.

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by anonymous


UCI show command through SMS will not work as it will not be able to send you the SMS containing so many characters and it will be a mess even if it would be sent as there's not formatting in the SMS message.

Answering your questions about uci set commands, could you please tell me the full syntax you use in SMS message?

It should be " adminPassword uci set simcard.@sim[1].auto_apn='1' " or something similar, depending on what you want to do.

So before sending SMS you will have to use uci show in your CLI to know what exactly to send through SMS next time.


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by anonymous

Thank you for your answer! In the documentation there are examples which dont use "@sim[1]" but just "sim1". It even mentions the specfic firmware version on the page and also gives example of "uci show". That was really very confusing. Especially since the router is not physically available to me. After it has been rebooted physically by someone else, I was able to connect again and confirm, that the router has the uci structure you used.