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by anonymous
Hello, I am trying to create a Wi-Fi network for guests on rut950 that only has a sim card as an internet connection. I need to know how I can create a Wi-Fi network for guests that does not ask for any type of authentication and has a Wi-Fi service limited by time, without clients having access to the router or being able to see it. In the hotspot configuration you always have to create a username and password so that it can be possible to connect. Is there any way to do it?
Thanks in advance

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting .

In hotspot authentication is required without authentication its not possible.

But there is a way to do this with AP.

What you can do you can create 2 different SSID for Admin and Public Wifi.

For SSID you can keep public without encryption and for Admin you can hide ssid and also set some encryption.

Then you need to create vlans to separate network for Public and Admin.

After creating vlans and AP with 2 SSID. 

You can create firewall rules to disallow PUBLIC wifi clients to access the WEBUI. You can set destination port to 80 that is by default http port of the router.

I hope it helps.

Thanks .



by anonymous
And for the limited time wifi access part you can create different 2 profiles and configure profile scheduler .