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We are using the RUT230 (as well as the RUT240) in the Netherlands with a KPN SIM.
All configuration  and operation, including setup of RMS works fine. Our application from AWS can communicate with the hardware behind the modem. Remote access, monitoring and also alerts work OK.

We've setup a few alerts for Modem Offline/Online and Data disconnected/connected (of which data disconnected only works over SMS, but those never arrive, which is likely a different problem.

On regular intervals we receive Modem Offline alerts from the RMS system and in those time intervals we can't communicate with the network and the devices. These intervals can be as low 1 minute and go up to about 20 minutes, connectivity is typically restored.
The downtime window affects the operations of our application, so we are looking what the root cause is.

In contact with the Mobile Operator we learned that every 12 hours the connection is refreshed and that this is also considered normal behavior, but the suspicion is that the modem doesn't respond OK to this refresh.

Interestingly, the modem's uptime is not affected in this "Offline" window, neither is the Mobile Data Uptime.
Also I only get the Offline/Online alerts, not the Data Disconnected/Connected alerts.
When I powercycle the device, I do get al 4 alerts (Offline/Online, Disconnected/Connected), so I'm a bit puzzled what type of  "Offline" we are really seeing in this case.

Is this a common/known issue and is there a way to find our what the real problem is, and better is there a solution?


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I'm not sure what is the root of the issue exactly, but I believe I could offer a solution for it.

Our router has this ping-reboot functionality which can reboot different parts of the router (modem, mobile network service, or the whole router).


When the data connection is lost to the operator, it might be that modem is confused whether it's connected or not, but because of refreshed connection and the new IP maybe it starts struggling.

So ping-reboot should just ping the external address and on failed ping it will restart your router/modem (you should see which option is faster and more optimal for you because sometimes rebooting the modem is not enough and you need to reboot the router).

This should be much faster than wondering if it's going to go back up again after 2 or 20 minutes, this will give you fixed time instead.

Thanks a lot, this is definitely I wlll try to setup/implement and see if it can help.