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by anonymous
I installed rutx11 inside an industrial plant, unfortunately the wifi signal coverage does not reach all corners. I would like to extend the signal with repeaters by making sure that a moving device always connects automatically to the repeater with the best signal. Like in a wifi mesh network. What is the best way to do this with rutx11?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

It depends on the mesh devices you will be using. Simply putting RUTX11 in the center of an industrial plant with a lot of open linear sight should be enough for it to work, you'll just need to think of mesh network devices you're going to use to extend WiFi availability.

Unfortunately, we do not produce or sell anything yet that would be easy to set up as other mesh network devices, but if you have any other of our or other brand routers - you can simply extend the network and coverage with them instead.

by anonymous
Hi, thanks for your reply.

What is the best way to extend the network with another router?

In particular I need it outside the plant, and it is important that a device that moves from inside to outside maintains the connection with the nearest router.

how can i do it?
by anonymous
You connect another router to the main router with WiFi station mode or client mode and then use it as main WAN connection.

This way you will share the same network you're connected to.