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by anonymous
I have the RUTX12 and am trying to use a 'Blackmagicdesign ATEM' video switcher/encoder to stream to YouTube. The ATEM has a ethernet port on it stream directly out and gets its IP via DHCP from the router or via a manual fixed IP. I have tried both.

If I can connect my phone to the ATEM (as there is a USB port) and the phone connects to the wifi to the RUTX12, then I can stream out to youtube so the device is getting out to the internet via the following path: ATEM>USB Phone> Wifi to RUTX12 > Internet.

However when I connect the ATEM to the RUTX12 via ethernet, it will not send out to youtube. I can however communicate with the ATEM via ethernet from control software on a laptop on the internal network.

I have tested my ATEM on a Netgear Router and it streams out OK. The netgear isn't 4G so cannot be used out in the field.

We have also tried a second ATEM to rule out a faulty unit.

Something about the ATEM and the RUTX12 is not agreeing. Any ideas?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

For this issue of yours, I recommend checking the ATEM device if it is having default gateway information in its LAN Settings when DHCP is turned on. Also, I recommend you testing RUTX12 LAN ports by inserting a different device let say your laptop and check if it gets network connectivity.

Let me know the results.

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by anonymous
Hi Everyone - After a lot of investigation it seems the issue was surrounding MTU.

My BlackMagicDesign ATEM Mini pro has limited control unlike a laptop which seems to adjust parameters invisibly. A good friend of mine who is a broadcast and extremely good IT engineer, spent the afternoon and suspected it may be to do with the MTU and we turned ON MSS Clamping.

This solved the problem.

The setting is located in the Firewall section and is a straight toggle on/off switch on the GUI.