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Port 21 is being refused on the internal routing from LAN to WAN, see below picture, is there a fix for this so that FTP traffic can be passed through the router?


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Sorry, but I can't really see the image due to its quality. What firmware are you using? Have you tried adding custom rules? You can find more information on https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/Firewall at "Custom Rules" section.

Here is a dropbox link to the picture, cant seem to get it better quality on here. I will try the custom rule but it looks like an internal routing issue as the IP address and internal port is not one I can set when it passes from LAN to WAN

There is no 3-way handshake. Your server (assuming its IP sends RST +ACK to the first SYN packet initiated from the client. It is the server who refuses FTP.
by is a Trend controller device responding to a request from the server side, the server side is connected to the mobile WAN and the Trend Device to the local LAN of the router but I will look into your comment with our IT side who is in charge of the server side to make sure its not refusing the FTP traffic. Am I right in assuming the port 18585 is an internal address between LAN and WAN? still brushing up on my knowledge with a lot of the network and routing side

Thank you