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Hi Guys

Your Wiki needs to clarify that early models of the RUT 955 have 2 pin power connectors ,  not 4 pin.
The older form factor version is still on sale.

I appreciate that I can edit the Wiki myself - but I don't have the 2 pin plug part number or manufacturer
(Molex?) to do that with .



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I believe you are talking about this page: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_First_Start and any others that are related to the power connector? 

Regarding your statement that the older form version is still on sale is not entirely correct. We do not manufacture routers with these 2 pin power connectors anymore and it was the case for a long time. It may be that you found a reseller that still owns a very old stock of these routers. I will see what I can do regarding wiki page update and will ask my colleagues about that.