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by anonymous
I have a RUTX12 and am using the latest firmware RUTX_R_00.02.06.1

My only internet option is LTE SIM cards. I bought this router as I thought the load balancing feature would provide double the speed compared to using a router with a single LTE SIM card. I have 2 SIM cards running in the router, however no matter what ratio I use for the load balancing settings it seems that only one SIM card is running at a time rather than both of them working simultaneously. I expected if I used a ratio of 1:1 for both modems they would both work in unison. I am only using one laptop on the router at the moment while testing and as I watch bytes received on the Status-Overview page only one modem operates at a time. This can also be monitored from the Mobile Usage page and the Realtime Data - Traffic page. I've been testing over long periods of time and cannot see both modems working simultaneously yet.

Any help to get both modems working simultaneously would be greatly appreciated thank you.
by anonymous

I know this is a bit late. Just got mine RUTx12 streaming in my mind.

I was hoping to combine Two Sims bandwidth, as that Teltronika YouTube clip showed RUTx11 vs RUTx12 double the download.

But after I could not figure how to do this. Found out in wiki that RUTx12 does not support bonding LTE's...

Is that correct?

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting .

Could you please try to watch this video for load balancing between two interfaces ?

Also try to read the following :



by anonymous
Thank you for your answer Ahmed. If I understand the video and wiki article correctly, it is not possible to bond internet from two LTE modules to a single client connection using the RUTX12.

However, the video in the link below indicates the speed from 2 LTE SIM cards increases from 250 Mbps using a single LTE module on the RUTX11 to 420 Mbps when using 2 LTE modules on the RUTX12 using load balancing on a single connection with one laptop.

Do you know how the RUTX12 achieves a faster speed with a single client connection using two LTE modules with load balancing compared to a single LTE module on the RUTX11?
by anonymous


Regarding your issue did you tried keeping the load balancing on to specific interface after you configured the ratio.

Also regarding the speed test in that video,  speed test has option for single and multi connections .

You can test it :

Thanks .