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by anonymous
I have a work network with a 24 port switch. I bought the RUXTX10 with a goal of connecting internet via Wan and then connecting to our Switch. I have a Mac Mini server which is handling DCHP and everything else works. I am trying to replace our existing router with the RUXTX10. However when I connect up the RUXTX10. I can access the GUI and everything else works on our system except I get no internet anywhere. I don't need Wi-fi and I don't need the RUXTX10 to be the DHCP server. I am just hoping I could use it as a 'passthrough' to our switch. Any help with a very basic setup would be appreciated a lot ( I am in Australia, not sure that actually matters).

Our old router cant handle the speeds given by our ISP and this is the reason I am upgrading to the RUXTX10.

Thank you in advance.

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by anonymous

Good day,

May i know what is the WAN source you are using ?

Is it wireless WAN or Wired ?

For the Wired WAN , you can refer to this link:

Regarding the pass through mode its only available in our devices that have mobile mobile as Rutx10 comes without mobile module there is no pass through mode.

For the DHCP server:

If you want to disable the wireless you can disable it here :