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by anonymous

I would like to operate an electronic control behind a TRB 140. The SIM card is already firmly integrated into a VPN. So there is no need to take a firewall into account.

In NAT mode, I can reach the other control via mobile radio from behind the TRB140.

No connection is possible in the opposite direction due to the router.

If I now put the TRB 140 in bridge mode, my control should reach the other controls via cellular network and should also be accessible.

Unfortunately, I can't get a connection in either direction. What am I doing wrong or what do I still have to adjust?

Mfg thomas

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting .

Could your provide a network topology for your network with IP addresses and ports . Like how everything is connected .

Also you are trying to reach the end devices on both sides . Right ? Correct me if i am wrong.

If both the sides IP addresses are reachable from both side then simple port forwarding can do a job .

But on the other side also if there is another router , you need to do port forwarding on that device also.



by anonymous

attached the overview. The S7 needs the IP forwarding. So I think the bridge or passthrough mode is the right one. The firewall function is not required because the SIM cards are already secured in a VPN.

As soon as Bride or passthrough are activated, all communication is interrupted.

The IP is already permanently set in the S7.

by anonymous

Because bridge mode and pass through modes disables most of the device capabilities like firewall, DHPC (In bridge mode).

For you scenario as you mentioned all sims are already reachable simple NAT and port forwarding will do the job.

Also please try to mention the ports, LAN IP, WAN IP , interfaces in the topology. To make it clear how is everything connected.