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Hi !

When using "WiFi" as "Main WAN", and (in this testcase) no WAN failover, the WiFi clients on the LAN side gets disconnected when you

  • Start a scan for a WAN WiFi
  • A connected WAN WiFi goes down
  • A registered WAN WiFi gets connected

This is a problem when you in your application, with LAN WiFi connected devices, for example relay on a real time web socket flow from one device to another. There will be moments with no data flowing, until the devices are reconnected to the LAN WiFi again.

Any ideas ? 


1 Answer

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Could you elaborate on this in more detail?

Are you saying that when the WiFi scan is completed and you try to connect to the access point - it connects, disconnects and only then it connects normally?

In this case, it's all good, this is how it's supposed to be as both devices have to handshake to confirm that the information about the access point is correct, when the check is done it connects normally.

When connecting through smartphones, for example, you will get a half a second "No internet" message on the device before it connects normally to the network, so in this case, it's the same, maybe it just takes longer as the device is not that powerful to do this quicker.

Sometimes it's quicker and you won't notice the status change.


Hi and thank you for quick response, really appreciated.yes

What I'm trying to explain is that WiFi connections going up and down at the WAN side, or a scan, are disconnecting WiFi connected devices on the LAN side. This is creating trouble for my applications/devices at the LAN side.


Got it.

This is unfortunately also normal and a way to avoid that would be using RUTX models and using separate radio's on both AP and STA modes of the device.


Aha….. that explains my ”problems”….  

Some thoughts that maybe can reduce your support ? ;-).     (If I understand it right)

1/ Maybe there should be a note somewhere that the LAN and WAN are on the same radio and the consequences… for example

           if you are connected via WiFi to the RUT and start a WiFi WAN scan you will be disconnected.

2/ During setup its recomended to use the ethernet LAN port since many settings are restarting the WiFi and you therfore will ”loose” contact.

3/ Maybe the heading should be changed to => Multiple wireless access points for "Wireless Station Mode"

All in all, the RUT240 is a very nice product with great versatility and good support !

Thank You !