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by anonymous
I've got a RUT955 (latest 6.07.7 firmware) which I did setup for Nord VPN last week, which worked fine until anything caused the mobile connection to reconnect (either just a loss of service, or the router was restarted), at which point the VPN would not reconnect until I manually disabled then re-enabled the VPN profile.

To get around issue, I've disabled the VPN for now, and everything was back to working fine, however we've had some power cut issues this week, and it's highlighted a couple issues.

Sometimes the router fails to reconnect mobile data. The mobile signal shows as OK, but the mobile data doesn't connect. I have to either restart the connection, or reboot the modem for the connection to establish.

Then this morning after another power cut, I couldn't get any internet activity despite mobile data showing as connected.
After trying a couple router reboot attempts, I still couldn't get any internet. I eventually traced it to a DNS problem. Setting the WAN DNS to manual and entering my VPN DNS settings, got things working, and they kept working after I set them back to using the providers advertised settings.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to make the router recover reliably?
by anonymous
I am facing a similar issue with a RUT950 running the latest 6.07.7 firmware.

If it is rebooted for any reason, the modem does not reconnect to the LTE network, no matter how many reboot attempts.

The only way to reconnect, is to physically connect to it on its' LAN side, log in to the WebUI change a parameter and save the change.

Restarting the modem does not always help to get reconnected, so running a script for it, is not the solution.

So if not on site, you either have to visit it, or get someone else to give you access via a mobile phone in Ad-Hoc.

Really a show-stopper for remote sites, with no other means of communication.

Any ideas how to resolve it?

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by anonymous


I'm not sure what could be the issue of that, but it could be that the service is trying to initiate itself before a proper internet connection is made.

What I could suggest it taking a look at this page: 

Here you will be able to execute commands on router start-up.

For your situation, I see that you need to somehow restart the services that you're using and the modem, so commands that you need to use are:

/etc/init.d/"SERVICENAME" restart

/etc/init.d/modem restart

(SERVICENAME should be the VPN service you're using, you can use ls command in /etc/init.d directory to find the startup script for your VPN)

Also, you could implement those as a script that would detect if one or another service is off and then execute one of these commands, but I believe it should be enough to put those on the start of your device.

You can check the auto-reboot functionality too, it will restart your router, modem, or the connection service if it fails to ping your defined address in a couple of tries.