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We have a problem

 We are trying to connect to the panel  eSMART07M (eSMART07M | Basic HMI panel 7 inch display ATEX and UL approvals (exorint.com))   via RUTX 09. We using the program JMobile (JMobile | Industrial HMI Software for edge management (exorint.com) for download project to panel  .The program gives an error and the panel goes into the stand by mode .We tried to connect instead of RUTX 09, RUT 955 with the same configuration and everything works fine. What could be the problem?

Our configuration:

We make port forwarding from:

 Port 8000 to port 80 (because the teltonika routers use port 80) to the panel I.P

Port 21 to port 21 to the panel I.P.

Thank you!

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Thank you for contacting. 

May i know what is the firmware on rutx09 , please upgrade to the latest .


Regarding you query may i know what is the WAN IP address on the router ?

What http port is router using ? Is it 80? 

What http port your Panel using ?

Both router and Panel's ports should be different .

For e.g:

Router is using port 80.

Panel is using Port 8000 as internal (Http port).

Router's WAN IP is : 100.xx.xx.xx

Your Port forwarding will be as:


You can access panel through port forwarding like this :

100.xx.xx.xx:8000 (External Port what you set for Panel).

I hope it helps.