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Would be a great feature if you can enable automatically update to latest stabel firmware. now you have to login or use rms which both are expensive in time/money to keep you product working.

If you can enable this on a specific date (like last day of the month) and maybe for some it would be helpfull to do the update only if you still have mb's left over this month.

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This sounds like a perfectly good application for this feature.

Everything you are looking for might be available in the future BIOS revisions for our devices.

Keep those ideas coming. And we will keep our R&D team busy.
Any update about this feature?
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I ended up rolling my own solution to this. Haven't written a detailed readme (yet) but this might help you. I'll try to polish it up in the coming weeks.

Basically, you have to host this somewhere on github or your webserver. Edit model_map.cfg to support your models (out of the box I only put in RUT240 and RUTX11) and then create/edit the individual RUTxxx.cfg files to specify desired firmware. Then copy to your device and execute it with -i flag, passing optional HH MM params to pick time of day (or it will use defaults from the script which is 4:45am)

Use RMS task scheduler to operate on multiple devices simultaneously) or directly via SSH on the device to schedule the upgrade.

From then on, device will keep auto-updating as you make changes to the cfg files, nothing left to do. (Run again with -u param to uninstall/disable)

Hope this helps you