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by anonymous
I suspect the answer is 'not possible' but is there a way to allow another created admin user to either login to the CLI via RMS or at least run a specified command - specifically speedtest. Don't want to provide the user with full root access for various reasons but the ability to run the speedtest command would greatly benefit. If not then I'll look at adding a feature request as can see a number of cases where this would be useful without having to provide full root access to the device. Currently looking at this on the RUTX12 with FW RUTX_R_00.02.06.1 but think same applies to all RUT models at present

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by anonymous

As of now, with our functionality that is implemented - it's not possible to limit other users from using some of the WebUI options.

Regarding CLI access - it is not that easily made too, but it's possible. Unfortunately, there are many ways to do it so it would be easier for you to look in OpenWRT forums yourself.

Some of the links to posts or forum threads that might be useful for you:


by anonymous
Thanks have found a solution using sudo but had to recompile the sudo package using the SDK so suspect firmware update will break it again...