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by anonymous


i recently bought a RUT955 and installed two SIMs, from two operators. One of the links keeps disconnecting from the Data service. the other sim works fine, had days without interruptions, so I dont know where to look or what settings to check.

best regards,


1 Answer

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by anonymous


First of all you should try some troubleshooting:

  1. Have you tried switching the SIM cards around? If everything stays the same. Proceed to Step 2.
  2. Check with your operator if they require some specific mobile settings as APN name or something similar. Because I have noticed that on your logs you get different private IP address each time you get connected. It looks like your card does not get identified on the network and gets forcefully disconnected.
by anonymous

1. check/switched, same behaviour.

2. settings are according the ISP, thing is the connection is up, traffic is done, then disconnects.

I was wondering about a mode detailed log in the device perhaps that gives a hint what the problem could be.

by anonymous

1. I will assume you are using the latest stable firmware? 
2. Just to make sure you do not have Mobile Data On Demand enabled? Because your router is behaving really similarly as if this option selected.

3. For the most details logs. You can connect to your router via SSH. For example if you are on Ubuntu. Open Terminal. Type in: sudo ssh root@

  • Once connected enter command: logread -f &
  • And you will see all log messages in real time 

by anonymous


the firmware is updated, I do not have the on demand setting active, nor the SIM switch, the log basically is this, I dont see a specific reason for disconnecting. Could it be the forcing LTE? even thou this option is not enabled?

by anonymous
Going back to the part that if the SIM cards are switched issue persists. The issue is probably not related to the router and probably that is SIM card or providers fault.

Have you tried contacting your provider about the issue?

Because if one of the two SIM cards is working fine on both slots. From operator 1 then logically the issue should be with the sim card of the operator 2.
by anonymous
hello again,

I checked again and played with the parameters of the SIM with problems (AP, auth method, etc.), now seems to be better (I have 15 minutes of continuous connection from SIM1).