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Sending Modbus data to Azure IOT hub. 
firmware RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.7

data starts out sending as expected but when you check the data packages the next day, the messages now have a number of }]}} added to the end, and \ to the messages. if i turn the azure message off then on again it fixes the issue temporary.

First message correct JSON

[{"timestamp":"1620874305","register":"1035","data":[0,20,21,19,19,19,45,17,67,67,68]},{"timestamp": "1620874305","register": "1291","data": [0,0,703.774109,0,0,0,0,9391.432617,0,0,0]}]

Message after a day incorrect JSON


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Data to server shouldn't send these strings, \r\n means new line in Windows. Could you please download and send me the troubleshoot file via private messages? This way I will be able to check the configuration you have.

What are you using to read the messages? "Device explorer"? Could you maybe also send some kind of a screenshot where you read this information, in what kind of program and what is the set-up exactly.

Thank you very much.