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everything worked fine for month till 3 days ago. Nothing changed or updated until than.

I have the RUT 955 and use it with a Vodafone.de (Germany) SIM card.

I tried to reboot, tried the latest and the second latest Firmware version to reflash the router. I restored everything to factory and modified the APN for the SIM card after that. I used an restore point from April, but nothing worked. I also tried both SIM slots. I tried to register manually.

I have no idea what I can try otherwise.

If I use the SIM in my iPhone or another router, everything is fine, I have a good signal and it register with no problems.

If anyone has an idea please let me know. I need the RUT 955 as router in my camper. Wlan catching works fine.

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It is curios, now I have a registration and a connection. The only thing I changed, is the position of my original magnetic antennas. I separated than more from the Wifi antennas.

Maybe this will work for others too.
Ist was too early to bei happy. Today I have the same problem again.

The Registration shows Timeout or unregistered.

So the antenna position was not the solution.

It seems that the Router or the antennas are not working right.