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by anonymous

I’m using a RUT955 with an external LTE/Wifi antenna in our mobilhome. I can’t find how to offload 4G to wifi if public wifi is available. What is the best way / easiest way to connect the router to an existing available wifi connection when arriving to a place instead of using the 4G connection?

Will it automatically reconnect to that wifi when I come back to the same place?

txs for the info

1 Answer

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by anonymous


You can do this with the WAN Failover functionality of the device you can navigate it via Web UI in Network > WAN

Basically, you just need to configure Wireless as MAIN WAN then 4G as a failover so that when the WiFi network is in range it will connect to the WiFi network rather than the 4G network. But when it is out of range it will use the 4G connectivity. 

For your reference, you can refer to this link: RUT955 WAN - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

I hope it helps 


by anonymous

Is there an easier way? My daughter sometimes uses the RV and she is not so digital. As far as I can see, I need the web interface for it and it’s not possible by using the app? (or SMS message).

by anonymous


Yes, you need to do it in the Web Interface for a much easier set up also you need to be in range with the WiFi network where you want to connect when in reach and it will be configured as your Main WAN network.  It is possible to do it via SMS but it will be not convenient for you will be sending multiple lines of code. So the best option is to do it via the Web Interface of the router for the most convenient configuration. 

Steps to Enable Failover: 

1. Navigate in the Web UI  Network > WAN make sure you are on Failover not on Load balancing
2. Next, put the green dot to WiFi WAN and put the check-mark to Mobile WAN. 
3. Save Settings after saving settings you will see a new button inline with the WiFi WAN (Scan button)
4. Press Scan and it will show you the list of WiFi networks available Join the network which you want to use. 
5. Input the correct credentials and save settings. 
6. After saving all the settings the RUT955 is configured and it will use the selected WiFi Network whenever available and if it is not in range it will use the Mobile Network.

Here is the link for your reference: RUT955 WAN - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

I hope it helped.