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by anonymous
I have to send data to two internet servers which do not accept load balancing ( I assume the problem are 2 ip addresses). My rutx12 router uses only the two mobile interfaces for internet access. The first network device, which opens a connection to the first internet server, is connected to lan 1 port. A second device, which at the same time opens a connection to a second internet server, which doesn't accept load balancing either, is plugged into lan 2 port.

Is it possible to setup two static routes to ensure, that the lan 1 port device always uses the primary mobile modem and the lan 2 port device  uses the secondary modem only?

Do I have first to setup two VLAN's, which I refer to when creating the static route?

An example for the static route and the concerning VLAN i.e. for device at port LAN 1 could help a lot. Any suggestions?

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by anonymous

Yes, it is possible to do so and it was already instructed in this post that I've answered:

There, deeper in the discussion, you should find the instructions.

by anonymous

thank you for your quick reply.  I considered the mobil gateway adress as the biggest problem, but in the comments of your link above is mentioned, that dynamic dns can solve this problem. I am going to try it out.