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by anonymous

We want to use the RUT955 for 4G and boosting public WiFis.

Now my question: I can configure the RUT955 to pick up the signal from the public wifi and make a local network the same time. The problem is, that every time I'm connecting with the RUT to search for new wifi networks, the connection cuts. This makes sense because the RUT can only connect to the local network or to the public, right? So, is it better (and faster) to use a kind of Client-Bridge that makes the local wifi in the car, and this bridge device is connected to one of the LAN ports of the RUT. So the RUT can use both antennas for connection to the public wifi.

Should be faster too because the RUT must not switch between two WiFis all the time, right?

If this is the better solution, is there any kind of small Client-Bridge (Ethernet to wifi adaptor) that's working on 12V and is designed like the RUT955 (we have an expedition-vehicle, so it must be something that can handle different environments and is not just made for home-indoor use?

Thanks in advance

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by anonymous


I believe you are looking for this feature: Relayd - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( 

Kindly check the provided link and test the setup :) 

Let me know the results