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I have RUT950 connected to LTE mobile network.

The signal at the connection point:

RSSI: -53dbm

RSRP: -98dbm

RSRQ: -12db

SINR: 23.1db

Unfortunately, Speedtest running on a computer connected to a router via WiFi shows a connection speed of only about 15Mbps.

In the same place mobile phone shows:

RSSI: -115dbm

RSRP: -99dbm

RSRQ: -10db

SINR: 21.5db

and the same test running on a mobile phone shows speed from 40 to 60Mbps.

Where is the problem? Why two different devices in the same location show such different results?
I have a similar issue, but I don't have a good values with you.

In this week I will upgrade RUT at the latest firmware (I hope).

Have you the last firmware?

Have you do a test with the cable or wireless network ?

Please check which band do you uses during tests? Is it auto? Try to play with band selection in manual mode. And test each.

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Thanks for the answer.

I've the last version ow firmware (RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.7)

The test was done with wireless connection (it was not possible to use a LAN connection).

Screenshot from RUT:

Screenshot from phone

Regards, Victor

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Please take a look at this wiki page here:


Mobile phones usually have higher LTE category and this could be the reason why it's performing better than RUT950, which is CAT4.

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In both cases LTE Band 7 was automatically selected.