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by anonymous

I have several RUT950 (RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5) and RUT240. I am overall satisfied with their performance but I have some issues with them disconnecting from the 4G service leaving me without Internet connection. It also seems like they don't really reconnect again, so my only solution to this is a reboot.

I have found the auto reboot option, but I'd very much like to solve the main issue here - preventing it from disconnecting.

The routers are used in Sweden. I use Telenor.

Signal strength is about -50 dB, and I use an external roof mounted antenna. I am located in Stockholm. Disconnection seems to happen quite randomly.

22354N 2021-05-17 11:35:01 Network Type Joined 4G LTE
22353N 2021-05-17 11:35:00 Mobile Data Mobile data disconnected
22349N 2021-05-17 10:49:16 Network Type Joined 4G LTE
22348N 2021-05-17 10:49:15 Mobile Data Mobile data disconnected

Is there anything I can do to investigate this further? Is this likely to be an operator related issue? Are there any particular router settings that could improve my performance?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting. 

First of all i would like to request you to upgrade device firmware:

For Rut955 

For Rut240 

Regarding the mobile disconnections issue:

Are you using the both mobile antennas ? Its recommended to use both the antennas

If using both the antennas , please check if antennas are properly connected. 

Your already mentioned you are receiving -55db signals.

Did you check other parameters also ?

Also check if router's location has a good 4G LTE service and you are not using fixed service mode . Keep it on auto in mobile settings. So that in case if 4G is not available or has low signals it will switch to the best available. 

Please let me know.




by anonymous

Thank you for a very good answer.

I can see that all my values are good except for SNR, which is really quite bad.

I'm using this antenna with a dual 5m cable:

Link to EuroDK

I know the use of an omni directional antenna is not optimal, but this one is mounted on top of a boat to I want to avoid having to readjust the antenna from time to time.

I guess, maybe the antenna might be the main cause of the low SINR. The thing that frustrates me is mainly that the connection seems to be working fine as soon as I restart the router after a lost connection.

by anonymous


Can you share a troubleshoot file for the device when it disconnected ?

You can download it in System>Administration>Troubleshoot.

You can share it in DM. 

Further have you checked the other configurations mentioned above like service mode etc?

Also you can see if SINR drops to the lowest it will disconnect . 

 Thanks .