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I have a problem with getting dyndns service to sync with a RUT950, I have tried the address/password on a different RUT950 and it works fine so it seems to be something wierd with only this one. Also tried factory reset, still wont sync with dyndns.

I get this from the log.

Mon May 17 14:35:14 2021 user.err ddns-scripts[6348]: myddns: cURL Error: '138'

Mon May 17 14:35:14 2021 user.warn ddns-scripts[6348]: myddns: Transfer failed - retry 25/0 in 60 seconds

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Could you tell me the differences between those RUT950's you have? Cause it doesn't make sense that one works and another doesn't (if they're the same firmware and both had the SIM inserted).

Try checking the firmware version.

Try checking if you have an internet connection at all by pinging from CLI.

Try resetting the device through the bootloader menu: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Bootloader_menu