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by anonymous


I am trying the WAN Failover functionality on RUT240 with firmware RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.

I note that if I set an IP address (i.e. on the "Health monitor ICMP host(s)" field, everything works fine; the RUT240 primary WAN interface is able to ping and so it continues to be the primary one. 

However, if I set the field to a hostname (i.e. for "Health monitor ICMP host(s)", the WAN switch to the second one, as the health monitor check fails. 

But from the CLI, if I try to ping "" it works fine and the RUT240 is able to solve the hostname.

Is the RUT240 able to support hostnames on this field? Or am I missing the configuration? Is there some examples in case?


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by anonymous

Yes, it could be that the Health monitor ICMP hosts field is looking for IP specifically and it just fails to parse full hostname. But you can always ping that hostname through CLI or anything else and that should reveal the IP address at the end of the ping, use it as your hostname instead.

One more recommendation would be to use popular DNS server addresses with your pings and fields that check the IPs to determine the internet connection, as those addresses, like, and so on, always stay the same.

by anonymous
Ok, but it can be limiting in some cases. For example when the Health monitor host is a "dynamic hostname".

Could you please let me know which are the supported values for this field? In the official documentation, the "hostname" option is reported.