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by anonymous

I have a RUT955 that I needed to do a factory reset on due to forgotten password. After the reset (power off and 6 sec reset button), even when it is routing internet traffic through the LAN, i'm not getting the web UI loaded. I'm just getting: This site can’t be reached Wait for configuration

Any ideas what to try next?
by anonymous

I've the same problem with my RUTXR1. Have you managed to remediate yours?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Could you try these options please:

1. Try connecting your RUT955 to another pc or network card.

2. Set your network card to stay on static settings when connecting to RUT955. So static IP, subnet, and gateway.

3. Try resetting your device again, but this time through the bootloader menu:

4. If nothing works at all - make sure your PC isn't connected to some other address router. Maybe even try connecting to your RUT955 through WiFi and see if you can access WebUI this way and then change the IP to something else like

by anonymous
Yeah, a static configuration for my computer allowed me to connect. If useful, I've asked at how to cause this to be unnecessary.