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Is there a way to disable mobile connections after boot?

I just want to connect to mobile network only after I call RUT240 on my mobile phone. This works well when I previously send sms with mobileoff command

My network operator has a plan that charges for internet use if there was any data transfer in a month. Usually I need a remote connection only once or twice a year if there are some problems so I would pay only those months when I need the internet connection. After the job is done I would send a sms mobileoff.

Is it possible to configure RUT240 this way? I disabled RMS, Failover checks but it always connects for a while after boot.

I'm using zerotier to get remote access.

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You can use scripts launched on boot for that.



But it could be that you've missed important setting:

Go to Services > SMS Utilities and find the command that you're using (mobileon and mobileoff), if you go to edit it you'll see there's a checkbox saying: "write to config".

What it should do is keep your mobileon or mobileoff state even after the reboot of the device, so if the last command was mobileoff before reboot - it will boot up with mobile disabled.

It was set to write to config and despite that it turns on. Is there a way maybe form command line to check the state?

This command will show the state of the mobile connection.


gsmcrl says it's connected

uci get network.ppp.enabled 0

If I run ifdow ppp then it disconnects. Could this be considered as a bug or a feature?