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how to configure TRB142 as replacement for TC35i - simple SMS Modem with autobaud

the connection to the remote device is RS232

the remote device uses raw AT commands e.g. AT+CMGR=1, AT+CMGD=1, .... for fetching an SMS in Memory1 and deletes it and waits for the next SMS-Command ...

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AT commands for TRB142 could be found here and could be used the same way as you used TC35i. You could even automate the script to fetch the output of AT+CMGR command and then delete it with AT+CMGD once the output is changed (new message received).

As for remote connection, you can set-up TRB142 to work in overIP or console mode:

More information could be found here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/TRB142_RS232