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by anonymous

Hi all,

I encounter problems connecting my RUTX12 (firmware to a Wifi. Starting on a factory-resetted device, the device connects to our Wifi perfectly fine. However, when I remove this Wifi-Configuration and try to join another Wifi, it will fail. The interface status will remain "stopped" or "not associated". Unfortunately, I can't figure out what causes lead to the interface being stopped.

As the router is not connected via WAN (wired) or via mobile to the internet, it should always start the Wifi WAN interface. Additionally, I gave this interface the highest priority (put it here on top) and made sure it is set to "on". I also deleted any Wifi configuration but the needed one here and also checked thrice that it is set to "on". The interface stays stopped. I can't find any attempts connecting to the wifi in the log file of the RUTX12.

The only way to get Wifi-WAN working on my device is to reset it to factory defaults and connect it to the desired Wifi. However, as the Wifis I wish to connect to change, this workaround is hardly feasible for me. As I could already reproduce this behaviour twice, I feel like this is more a firmware bug than a configuration mistake. Has anybody else encountered this error yet?


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by anonymous

You do not need to create or change interfaces in the Network > Interfaces window. Please navigate Network > Wireless and try to scan for WiFi AP. Try to add multiple access points to RUTX12 without removing them for testing purposes. Please post a screenshot where I could see your results. I tried to replicate your issue myself and I was able to connect to another WiFi source without a restart.

by anonymous
Thanks for your reply. The router is currently used in production and thus unavailable for testing purposes. Please give me some time, I will attach a screenshot as soon as possible.
by anonymous

Hi Vykintas,

thanks for your patience. As the router is now back at my place, I could indeed not reproduce the problem. However, I am wondering if I am encountering trouble with my firmware. It regularly notifies me that a firmware update is available while I'm already at the latest version webinterface also can't find a more recent update. Additionally, after importing a backup file, I cannot login on the HTTP webinterface. I used to be redirected to the HTTPS-secured webinterface, but for now I'm stuck at the HTTP UI if I don't manually visit the HTTPS site. Thus, the router is working, but it is behaving strangely. Maybe these problems belong together.

Regards, 4711