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by anonymous


we struggle with establishing communication with device connected to RUT955's RS232 port:

PC [currently connected to router via WIFI] [sends specific request via TCPIP to device] > RUT955 < [RS232] device 

PC [should receive response via TCPIP from device] < RUT955 < [RS232] device 

We can communicate with device directly via RS232, so that the requests used/sent are valid.

We've tried to use Hercules/.NET libs to check communication:

A. When we connect loop-back connector to router's RS232 port (no leading zeros turned off), we receive couple of meaningful bytes in 64*1024 bytes long response (the tcp buffer is then 64*1024?)

B. When we connect device to router's RS232 port (no leading zeros turned on/off), it does not evince signs of received request and neither we don't receive any response in network stream

Is there any special configuration/approach needed to successfully establish a connection and communication with our device?

We'll appreciate any suggestion, tips&tricks, remote support.


RUT955 FW version: RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.7

RS232 Serial Configuration is set based on configuration defined by device manufacturer

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by anonymous


Regarding the configuration, you are testing as default Over IP functionality enables you to reach the serial device with the TCP/IP port it is listening to. In your case, it would be best if the said device connected to your RUT955 is running a service on TCP/IP port 6666. Also for bidirectional communication, it would be best to do this with Bidirect mode.

For the proper way of testing, it should be like this: Testing Document

Also, it would be best to apply the latest firmware available on this link: RUT955 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

I hope it helps



by anonymous
Hi, I'm trying to do the same thing but from RS232 to RS232 can you help me with that?

I tried the manual that you send and its working for me.