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I need to install a RUT240 or TRB245 in a control panel to give internet access to a HMI, at a remote location with a relatively weak 4G signal.

I will install a 4G SIM suitable for IoT application to the RUT240/TRB245 (as the SIM can automatically switch to all available signals from different carriers, so 2nd SIM is not going to be needed).

My question is for better and stable signal reception, should I use TRB245 or RUT240, although both have the same modem inside?

The RUT240 has two connectors for connecting up to two mobile antennas. The TRB245 only has one connector for mobile antenna.

Provide using the same antennas,

If I connect two antennas to RUT240, is it better than connect only one antennas to RUT240?

If I connect two antennas to RUT240, is it better than connect only one antennas to TRB245?

If I connect one antennas to RUT240, is it better than or the same as connect one antenna to TRB245?

If SIM1 slot of RUT240 is inserted with the SIM card, and I only install one antenna, do I need to connect to a specific mobile connector or both connectors are the same?


btw, there should be notes on Teltonika Manual/Introduction to identify which slot in the RUT240/TRB245 is for SIM1, and which one is for SIM2.

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RUT240 does have two mobile antenna connectors.

Depending on what technology (3G/4G) is used to connect to the mobile network provider, "AUX" antenna performs a different role:

  • When "3G" technology is used, "AUX" antenna is used as "diversity antenna" for error correction. Its effects are mostly noticeable in poor mobile signal strength areas.
  • When "4G (LTE)" technology is used, "AUX" antenna is used both as diversity antenna and as a secondary receiving antenna, increasing data connection quality and overall mobile download speed of the device.

We recommend you to always have both mobile antennas connected for the best performance. However, if the situation does not allow you to use both mobile antennas (e.g. if the router is mounted in tight space where there is only enough space for one antenna), then "MAIN" mobile antenna connector should be used. 

Now to answer your questions:

1. RUT240 with 2 antennas should perform slightly better than RUT240 with a single antenna.

2. RUT240 with 2 antennas performs better than TRB245, as you mentioned they both have the same modem.

3. We have not concluded tests like that but it should be simillar.

4. As I have mentioned above, antenna connectors are different, if you are planning to use only one antenna, you must connect it to MAIN connector.


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