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Hi, just received a shiny new RUTX09 and seems to be a robust piece of kit.

Have a stable internet connection with 4G

HAve tried to set up Wireguard to connect to Torguard VPN.

I have successfully performed a handshake and can ping and traceroute IP and FQDN. (after adding DNS servers to LAN settings) direct from CLI

I cannot use my devices on the internet, there is no ping or traceroute and the devices state there is no internet connection. I have disabled the firewall and it made no difference.

Am I missing a Port Forwarding command?

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Thank you for contacting .

May i know if the device is on the latest firmware ?

Are you sure you are using the correct DNS ?

Are you sure you used correct configurations for adding DNS to LAN settings through CLI ? Can you share ?

 Might be you configured something wrong.

You can also add it through webui. Have you tried from webui ?

And have you checked on the device itself if it has internet connection ?

You can check in System>Administration>Diagnostics 

Thank you. 




The limitation must come from the AllowedIPs at the other end of the tunnel it is probably restricted to

Can you do another test:

start the tunnel

execute: iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -o Torguard -j SNAT --to

and retry the ping from another device. Check the counters with ifconfig Torguard.

Nope, now I have no vpn when pinging from the router

Covered networks had not selected the VPN Wireguard connection "Torguard" in Firewall --> General --> Wiregaurd -> LAN settings
Glad you found it.

Nope more issues, For this with similar another post is https://community.teltonika-networks.com/33512/wireguard-and-dns-servers