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by anonymous


I am using RUT240 to send modbus data to Schneider Machine Advisor cloud platform via Https protocol.

I have set my RUT240 to periodic auto-reboot at 3:00 everyday.

I found I missed nearly 1 hour data after the reboot of the RUT240. This has happened almost everyday in the last 7 days. Ideally, if the RUT240 can run stable over a long period, i.e. 1 month, then I should not set the auto-reboot of the RUT240. 

My questions are:

Q1: How often should I set to periodic auto-reboot the RUT240 unit? once per day, per week, or disable the auto-reboot?

Q2: Is it better to only set periodic auto-restart of the modem, other than reboot the whole unit?


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by anonymous

I would suggest turning off periodic reboot entirely and instead of that configure ping reboot. It will restart your device only when you lose your connection. This way you will avoid losing data every day and it will restart itself when it will be required.

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by anonymous
i had an issue where after 16 days of run time it went offline and i had to manually reboot it- would it be wiser to do a full reboot or reboot of the mobiile connection only- which i think allows for less down time