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by anonymous
Hi there!

We run a pre configured RUTX12, that is usually plug and play.

We are on a job right now and can’t connect a windows10 machine to neither LAN or WiFi (both run DHCP). We tried setting a static IP in the Routers Range in Windows but it doesn’t let us do this without dedicated DNS Settings (which seems odd).

Any suggestions how to hook this stubborn Windows 10 Machine up are welcome and badly needed!

RUTX12 works like supposed to with iPhone and a Mac.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please check your Windows 10 machine's firewall, it could be that something is globally blocked from access and that is the reason why it's not accessible. Why it works with DNS - I'm not sure, but this requires some testing to be done anyways.

If there's a possibility to connect RUTX12 to another Windows 10 PC - do that too, as it will show if it's the issue only with the current machine or it's an issue within RUTX12 itself.

Regarding the firewall suggestion - you can totally shut it off and see if anything changes, if not - turn it back on.