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by anonymous


I try to set this specific setting via SMS-utilities:

Via “uci show network” I just get the options of the general setup.

Is there a possible to set this specific (advanced) setting?
When yes, what is the needed syntax (name of option)?
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Best Regards

1 Answer

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by anonymous


uci set'0' will do what you need.

Just have in mind that after this command execution you will lose all access to physical LAN, so you have to be prepared with public ip, vpn, wireless or another type of access type.


by anonymous

Maybe then you could think of other issues causing your mobile to not work?

Did it stop working right after you turned off bring up on boot option?

Is there any data left in the card? Have you changed or tried changing APN?

Could you execute gsmctl -j and gsmctl -g commands and put the output here? Or is this device in remote?

If it's in remote - it would be easier to reset the device back to its factory default settings.

by anonymous

I reset the modem and made a minimal set up via mobile utilities.
Now it works again, thank you for your help.

Is there a possibility to store a defined setup in the modem and reset the modem to this specific set up via SMS utilities?

I also saw that it is possible to send multiple lines via the utilities.
Can I download the total modem setup in a way that I can configure the whole modem with a couple of commands?



by anonymous
All available commands are here:

You can of course try setting up your own firmware with SDK and then using restore to go back to factory default settings, but this is too much hassle.

You should check out RMS, which will be able to reach your device WebUI and SSH without Public IP. You will see the various information about the device and it will be even possible to reach devices connected to it. In RMS you will have the possibility to export a backup from the device and then import it if you see that something went wrong.

by anonymous
I was wondering if it is possible to set a specific mobile operator via SMS utilities and on the other hand set the selection of the operator to auto.
by anonymous

Use these uci settings with SMS utility of the UCI.



Use it the same way as the other command I provided you last time.