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by anonymous
Hi I have a TRB140.

When I send 'status' sms command while there is internet connection it sends back the status info.

When there is an interruption in connection I do not receive the status info.

Does it need internet connection?

I have a device currently on the field, for some reason the internet stopped working. Previously I attended on the field and did a hard reset and it started working again. I would like to be able to use the 'reset' command remotely, but will that work if no internet on the device?

I would have thought the whole idea of having SMS commands is to be able to control the device without internet.

Your urgent help would be much appreciated

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by anonymous


I suspect your SIM card disconnected not from the internet but from every operator service. If there would be only a connection issue, you should be able to send SMS commands. 

Anyways, you have mentioned that a reboot helps you to restore connection, I would like to suggest configuring the Ping reboot feature that would automatically restart your device in case you cannot access the internet. More information about that:


by anonymous
Thank you for your response VykintasKuzma.

I am not sure exactly what is going on, but it happened recently to another TRB140 modem I have on the field. It attended site and did a reboot and it did not work, it only worked after holding a pin in the 'reset' slot to reset the modem (I am assuming this is what resets to factory settings) which then started it flawlessly. What do you think the problem is based on the scenario provided? Is there any way I can check what the problem is in a log maybe?

I will follow the instructions provided, but is there an alternative to 'reset' rather than 'reboot'?

Unfortunately right now without the SMS commands working, I have no choice but to go onto the field and manually reset the device to reconnect to the internet.
by anonymous

In the ping reboot configuration settings, you will find the modem restart option. It should force your modem to reconnect to the operator in case you disconnect.